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OS-Tans: Palouser Concept by trevmun OS-Tans: Palouser Concept by trevmun
Second in my series of computers personified, here's Palouser, my workstation and primary desktop computer. Palouser was initially a Gateway PC running XP 32 Home, a high school graduation present back in May of 2002. At the time, I named the PC "Jetstream," which kicked off my theme naming computers after winds. In 2004, an attempt to switch out one part of the PC led to a near-complete overhaul: most of the parts used in Gateway PCs at the time were shaped uniquely to their computer case, meaning you could only use special parts from a Gateway store. Aside from the hard drives, I wound up replacing everything—even the case—and "Jetstream" went from being a Gateway PC to a home-built machine. After another major overhaul in 2007 due to a dead video card (and the industry adopting PCI Express as the new video card standard), I also switched operating systems to XP 64-bit Professional Edition. I wanted the stability and maturity of the XP family (especially compared to Vista) with the ability to use more than 4 GB of RAM that 64-bit computing allows.

After Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance came out, I wound up switching the computer's name from Jetstream to Palouser, as the name "Jetstream" has become all but synonymous with Jetstream Sam (which is odd, given his Winds of Destruction codename was Minuano). As Sniff the Raven put it: "Jetstream is TOTALLY Jetstream Sam, so I can't abide that." (This is the same reason why Marin was renamed from Mistral, as there's another Winds of Destruction member with that codename.)

Palouser's new namesake is a strong kabatic wind that blows from the Snake River into the Palouse region of Idaho and Washington (pronounced, I think, as Pah-loose-air). It's infamous for its role in one of America's largest forest fires and is nicknamed the "Cow Killer." It was for those reasons I picked that wind as my computer's new namesake: I was born in Idaho, and in a sense my desktop PC is also a "cow killer" given that Palouser was formerly a Gateway machine and Gateway still used dairy cows as part of its corporate motif back then. Since I plan on keeping Palouser an XP64 machine and will have to eventually build a dedicated gaming PC due to newer games dropping support for XP, future upgrades to Palouser will probably focus just on parts suited for digital content creation like the AMD FirePro video cards, which ties into the eponymous wind's association with fire.

As with Marin, Palouser's personification dates back to 2007ish, but she used to look very different. When I was toying with the idea of that miniseries, her design was based on XP-tan with an outfit that resembled the case I'd been using at the time (as you can see here). Now Palouser's outfit reflects the case I'd gotten in 2012, an NZXT Phantom 820. It's loosely based on stuff like Bianca Nyguard leggings, as well as the use of pantyhose-like sheer to represent all the mesh-like grills the Phantom 820 case has. She also doesn't look like XP-tan anymore—she's closer in appearance to Komepo, who is a rare blond-haired freckled variant of XP-tan billed as an American cousin.

If you compare this picture to Marin's, you'll also notice Palouser is much taller; that's owing to the fact that Palouser has a full-size tower case compared to Marin's mid-size tower. Also, keeping with certain aspects OS-tans share, Palouser's figure is representative of both her role as a computer graphics workstation (that's memory intensive work!), an everyday desktop (I multitask a lot), and the fact that I prioritize her to have the most RAM out of any of the machines I have. (One day, she'll have 128 GB. One day!)

Let me know what you guys think!
Gut-Funk Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015

trevmun Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I still miss Swapnote. You just can't get the same 3D effect looking at the snapshot as you would from the 3DS, haha.
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