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TF2 Poster - FREEDOM by trevmun TF2 Poster - FREEDOM by trevmun
So, the recent update for Team Fortress 2 [link] is a war-themed contest between the Soldier and Demoman. Whichever class kills the most of the other side gets a special fourth unlockable item.

Soon after the war began this weekend, Valve announced a "propaganda poster" art contest--multiple prizes to be given out, with the grand winner getting to name a special hat (which, as of this post, I ASSUME is that fourth unlockable).

Lunaris (my fellow Ragnarok Wisdom staff) has urged me to enter--ironically enough, to make a poster for the Demoman, despite the fact that he loves Soldiers (especially BLU Soldiers, and the BLU Soldier is the poster boy for Soldiers everywhere during this war event). He says he supports the underdog.

Well, I had an idea, but I had no idea how little time there was to do it--until Lunaris began hounding me on it. I didn't have much time to draw out my idea, so I took a different approach ...

First, I recreated the idea I had in mind with Garry's Mod. Then I took a snapshot of that scene and digitally painted over it with the GIMP, including adding in the recently-announced Demoman unlockables (the Eyelander claymore and Chargin' Targe shield), making a new backdrop and simplifying the colors of the characters present. Then I popped the picture into Flash and trace-bitmapped it to give it a look that seemed kind of like propaganda art.

It's not how I was planning to go about this picture, but it still conveys the idea I had in mind. The only difference between this version of the picture and the one I sent to Valve is that this one has my name on it (and it's bigger). I submitted my poster minutes before the supposed deadline, and I'm not even sure if I made it in time. I guess we'll find out!

(... If only I'd taken the time to specify that I didn't want a Small-sized t-shirt ... )
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Kmuf Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like I have myself a DEMOBROTHA.

I also joined that btw. ;D
00Crazy Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009   Artist
Well... Good luck, Aragan xD
YarKramer Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it looketh pretty awesome, either way.
creyzee Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2009
"imma black, scottesh Cyclopse!"
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December 16, 2009
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