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April 1, 2007
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So for 2007, I wanted to do another flash April Fools' prank for my Ragnarok Online webcomic, Ragnarok Wisdom. [link]

As the basis for it, I took a "what if" joke that me and Zelse discussed a few months back. The whole "Naruto webcomic takeover" concept was the enabling factor.

See, Ragnarok Online's player base, especially among the illegal circles, has a huge Naruto fan following. I can't count the times the RW forum admins and I trashed pserv spamvertizers claiming they've got "free Naruto headbands" ... WTF, man?

The prank was a two-stage deal. Stage one involved totally replacing the site with what appeared to be a Naruto webcomic. Stage two involved replacing the sprite comic image on the site with this flash movie as the "gotcha."

But, like with RW #200, I kinda blew it. At least, in my opinion, I blew it due to time constraints ... Things feel sloppy to me, and I wasn't able to get all my ideas in, so the punchline is a bit distorted. 90% of the time I spent on this flash movie (about a weeks' worth, maybe?) was spent on the introductiory scene--that'd account for why the later scenes might look sloppy/badly done compared to my other flash movies. I plan to go back and fix the timing and graphics of some scenes, and add the ones that SHOULD have been in the first place.

Either way ... I still hope you can either enjoy or at least comprehend the flash movie until such a time that I can clean it up, but it needs an overhaul for sure.

EDIT, APRIL 2 2007:
Okay, I did some minor edits. Mainly to Kakashi, and they're still not done, but seeing as I'm revising this and uploading close to midnight, this is what I've got. This is only the beginning, guys--I'm not going to stop until this flash movie reasonably looks like how I wanted, but I hope to be done in time for Easter.

EDIT, APRIL 3 2007:
More minor edits--I won't leave Kakashi alone, and I'm still not done with him! I took a closer look at what the tactical vest that Konoha ninjas wear--even though it seems like it subtly changes from shot to shot, I redid that vest again. Combined with staying up all night last night due to college work and crashing out earlier today, that accounts for why there's not much improvement this time around.

But, I think I finally got something decent for the vest, which means all I need to do is fix his hair--then I can move on to the other stuff that needs fixing or adding.

By the way, did I mention how utterly irritating deviantART's new uploading system is?

EDIT, APRIL 4 2007:
Okay! I think I've pretty much gotten everything that was in the flash movie from the start to look how I wanted. I've now edited my face and Kakashi's so that our jaws move when we talk. I know Kakashi's jaw doesn't seem to move when he's talking most of the time, but it does when you get close up on a few occasions--so I decided to go for it anyway.

Also, I redid the closeup of his eye--truth be told, how I did his face looked like ass. I'm hoping this looks better--I'm at least satisfied that it's smoother and not all jagged.

Finally, hair! I went back and fixed up Kakashi's hair so it has proper shading and much cleaner lines--not to mention it waves in the wind like Zelse's. Zelse's hair, I've opted not to really mess with except for the scene where he starts to cry--I fixed the lock of hair behind his ear.

For the most part Zelse looks alright to me, it was mainly Kakashi that I was seriously unhappy with. Zelse could stand to get a few fixes, but I'll save that nitpicking for last.

EDIT, APRIL 5 2007:
Okay, so I lied. One more minor fix to the existing scenes, where Kakashi and Zelse initially clash. Just tried to make their shape tweens look more like shilouettes of the both of them, and less like sentient ink blot tests.

Tommorow, if all goes well, I'll be able to add in what this flash movie was missing. And hopefully the punchline will be more clear. :D

EDIT, APRIL 6 2007:
Well, this is it--sorta. Aside from one small sequence right between what I added in and the final scene, this is what was missing during April Fool's.

I'm going to try and fine-tune all that in the coming morning hours--Flash's shape tweening is very pissy as you can see. I'll have made updates to this thing for an entire week, each day, after doing so.

Anyways, enjoy! If you saw the flash movie as it was on April 1st, tell me what you think of it as it is now, please. :D

EDIT, APRIL 7 2007:
Okay, this is the LAST update. I SWEAR. I added that one scene that I couldn't add yesterday and made some minor adjustments elsewhere--for certain values of motion, Kakashi's body now shifts when he raises his arm to reveal his Sharingan, and I tried to make the tears flowing down our two tearful friends look a little less crappy (mostly in the animation--shape tweening is very fickle and annoying to work with). I did a little detailing with Zelse's bandages in the first shot, as well as added the ones that're supposed to be on his arms to bring it in line with his appearance later on (not to mention in line with assassin garb in general).

And that's about it. This is everything I planned to add into the flash movie on April 1st. Which shows I should've worked on this half the month prior rather than a week prior, but ... what can ya do.
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omg I lol'd. thats fucking awesome. XD
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Oooooh now I get the duel crying deal after watching Naruto I realized the Sharinghan eye has two types of jistu one where every move is copied to a T and the other is a hypnotic where the victim is hypnotized into doing a certain move
Wolf3009 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Ok i do not get it why the hell did Kakashi and Zelse cry like that at the end?
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what the fu--???? that's not!! fun -.-
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Why is Saturn black, lol.
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